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Alley Ghost

Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost
Bob Reuter is a creative force of nature. He is an old master of rock & roll, an influential photographer, a beloved radio personality, and a lyrical author. His work mirrors the gritty realism and soulful honesty of a life lived long and hard. He is often referred to as an underground icon and has a cult following that is widespread and quickly growing.

Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost is a band that pairs Bob with a group of younger musicians who bring a fresh, energetic sound to Bob’s songs past and present. The band began when Mat Wilson (guitarist of the Rum Drum Ramblers) began visiting Bob in the hospital, where he was recovering from a major bypass surgery. The two formed an immediate bond. Inspired by a comeback show, Big Muddy Records label head Chris Baricevic enlisted Mat to put together a band that would reintroduce Bob’s music to the world. Musicians flocked from Big Muddy’s roster and “Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost” was created on reel-to-reel in Bob’s kitchen, at Bob’s request to remain home during recovery. The folk-punk tinged album was released locally to warm reception and Bob was awarded the Riverfront Times “Best Songwriter of 2010.”

In the 70s, Bob was in St. Louis’ first punk band, the Dinosaurs. Then, Bob gravitated to roots-rock and helped build the alt-country movement of the 90s. Finally, he has settled into a classic, sweat-drenched proto-punk sound with Alley Ghost and has recorded a new album entitled “Born There” that features some of Bob’s newly penned songs with some classics from his back catalog. The band has begun traveling in an effort to introduce one of St. Louis’ heroes to the rest of the United States.